For everything that God created, He declared it all good. Genesis 2:18 is the first time God says something is “not good”. And what was He referring to at the time? Adam’s aloneness. “It is not good for the man to be alone.” So, that was what He noted with regard to Adam. It is possible that God even noticed Adam was lonely before it ever “hit” Adam. Typical of a God who sees ahead, and Who can spot an issue in our lives waaaay ahead of time.


But, is He just a silent and caring observer? Nope. Part of the goodness of His character is that He actually does something about the mess in our lives. He is not only Love, He is also all-powerful. So, in our friend Adam’s case, God then says: “I will make Him a helper suitable for him.” Voilaaa! Woman entered the scene. And we’ve been here ever since. dance, dance 😊


The thing that struck me the most out of all I’ve written is that, waitaminute, this didn’t just apply to Adam. God didn’t just see Adam’s loneliness. What am I getting at? When this was being spoken of recently at our church where we’re (re)learning about relationships, I found myself thinking of school shooters. You heard me right. I first thought of the two guys who started it all at Columbine High School in 1999. Then a few others flashed through my mind. A repeated profile of them included that they were lonely creatures. I heard in my heart the Scripture again: “It is not good for [fill in the blank] to be alone.” No, it’s not blasphemy to think of these people as…people. They made the most terrible choices in life but that doesn’t take away the fact that they were humans like you and I, created in God’s image.


That said, I thus realized that loneliness was probably a key factor in their…stupidity. Yes, their actions were ruthless and stupid. Illogical too. But loneliness has led many to illogical actions. All this to say, if we were to look at their lives prior to their crimes against humanity, we would see God looking and saying: “not good.” If you and I truly looked into the eyes of those around us, we could hear Father God speaking into their aloneness, “not good.” He knows the damage to the human soul that too much aloneness can do. If you’re not sure, do a quick research on the effect of solitary confinement on prisoners. Ask yourself just how you’d cope in such a condition. Then ask how many in our world are experiencing different forms of solitary confinement. There are many trapped in their own guilt, emotional trauma, mental disabilities, grief, stress, and on it goes. God looks on them and His heart breaks. Not good, my friends. Not good.


But then God always wants to help. That’s His nature. And He does help! That’s the good news. How is He helping? One of the ways is through human beings like you and me. A nudge here, an idea there, and we find ourselves standing up to the task of reaching out to a soul. One lonely soul. We do that filled with the knowledge that, were it not for a few switches in circumstances, you and I would be in those people’s situations.


I think, and this is me here, that love is truly transformational. Well, it’s not really just me saying that. The Bible is all about that, plus, life has proven that many times over. The part that’s me is this: I wonder how many suicides and/or school shootings can be averted by more love and less loneliness. Then, stretch it further. Think of any other thing in life that bothers you. Then think: what difference would a consistent act of love do to quell this otherwise recurring problem?


I am forever impacted by the life and challenge put forth by the very first Columbine massacre victim, young Rachel Scott. Her dad continues to carry the legacy today, and I am impressed by the simplicity of her challenge. She was entirely right. “Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.” I encourage you to check it out.


Ok friends, I’ll land the plane. Simplicity of it all is this: because it’s not good for a person to be alone, we were created. You. Me. We exist not for ourselves but for others.


Live out that truth and find out just how GOOD life can be. 😊


©2018, WriTEswAY

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