This is something I fully get. I’ve lived through several seasons like this and I know you have too. There are times in your life when you have literally been unable to get your fill of sleep. Whether due to deadlines and real life challenges, or due to health issues, or even mental/psychological reasons, the bottom line is that in those times, you’ve experienced either insomnia or restlessness – or both!


I know that sometimes adrenaline works for a while to overrule the true feeling of tiredness going on below. So, in cases when I have something I’m working towards, say, a project with a deadline, the excitement of seeing it through to the end drives me beyond perhaps my actual ability. It’s only when the project has been completed that I recognize my body crashing. That’s the point when sheer exhaustion slaps me in the face. So that’s to do with adrenaline. In other situations, there’s no adrenaline to help, and instead, the sleepless life leads to my feeling like I’m dragging through each day physically and mentally. I once went almost a week without sleep and I functioned at high levels of adrenaline for some reason the first two days. I still look back and cannot explain that. By day three, however, someone would be speaking to me, I would be watching their lips move right in front of me, and I’d look like I was listening. When they were done, I’d shake my head involuntarily, almost to “wake” myself up, and I’d reply with: “sorry, what were you saying?” This happened all day with different people! Needless to say, I left  some concerned citizens in my wake.


Anyway, I’ve grown up hearing the following words from Scripture: He gives His beloved sleep. It has always sounded so wonderful, but only in my adult years have I had to test to see whether the Scripture is actually true. I seem to have needed sleep more as I’ve gotten older. Lol. Hey, some people have the opposite experience; I just happen to NOT be one of such. I have gone through many different seasons that have led to my simply being unable to get a full night’s sleep (if full night sleep = give or take 7 hours). In short, I have had to put that Scripture to the test. I’ve found myself saying: “Ok, but Your Word says You give Your beloved sleep.” With that, fully convinced that it therefore has to be true, I simply ask for sleep to come to me. And you know what? It works!


‘Course, I usually only realize that it’s worked when I’m up the next day! Sweet, huh?


You should definitely give it a try! Recommended over Ambien, Lunesta or any other thing, guys. (Not that I ever took any of those. 😉 )


For those in the middle of such a sleepless season, have you ever tried this? If not, what do you do to get by your current situation? Ideas are ALWAYS welcome on this site.


©2018, WriTEswAY

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