It’s not news that marriage is about mutual spousal support: of dreams, visions, career goals, ministry plans, everything. And I’ve always been able to say to myself that I’ve supported my dear husband. I always felt that for sure. But do you know what? I realized recently that I’m falling short still in one area.


See, I have always prayed for him, but it’s more been on the “when it hits me” basis. At different points in a given week, it may occur to me that I should bless him by lifting him up before the Father. Or a specific need of his would prompt me to pray to the best Person who can help him. Well, what happened is that I then came across people, male and female, who spoke of praying (get this) for their partners! Huh?? I wondered: how much of a difference could I really make in the life of my precious hubby by being consistent in praying for him? After all, doesn’t the Bible actually say that “the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much”? That simply means that if I truly want to be a blessing to my husband, bring about the kind of changes in his life that he so deeply needs or is asking for, then my goodness, prayer must be both a priority in my life and a consistent act.


That’s the latest in my quest for a more disciplined life, folks. I have taken on the task of praying for him as consistently as I can. One person who challenged me in this area, the pastor of our church, has set aside a time in his day when his alarm goes off, reminding him to pray for his wife. He will then proceed to do so for ten minutes. I realized thus that I needn’t spend two hours on this task, but that even if I did five minutes consistently, I would be doing my husband a great good! And vice versa. In fact, I hope he comes across this blog post and feels the same way (yahoo!). 🙂


I totally recommend your trying this out. Give your partner a proper lift!


Has anyone of you already been doing this? How do you go about it?


What tips do you have to share for people like me?? 🙂


©2018, WriTEswAY

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