So this might come across as super weird to you, but just hear me out. 🙂 I’m literally thinking out loud here, and I invite you to do the same. We all know about déjà vu right? The feeling you get when you’re in a moment and it seems as if you’ve seen the entire moment before?

Well, I’ve been wondering about all that. I actually think a movie can and should be made about it. As in, a movie devoted entirely to the phenomenon, preferably tackled by the Nolan brothers. (If there is one and I missed it, please, by all means do let me know). It’s incredible to think that for whatever reason, a scene in our daily life should be more than extra familiar to any of us, though we haven’t actually been there before. This is especially powerful when, say, you’re hanging out with someone you literally just got introduced to, or you’re visiting a new locale. In those situations, you’re thinking: there is truly no reason why I should already “know” all this.


I recall that years back I used to have very strong déjà vu experiences to the point that I’d be able to predict what would happen next in the physical, real life scene. One day, I literally said each step out to my friends around me. I guess for verification purposes? Who knows. Anyway, I pointed to a corner of the room and told them an argument would break out there, and in seconds, that happened. Once that happened, though internally I was baffled, I focused more on recalling what else would (or “should”) then happen. That I also managed to predict in a spot-on manner. Once that happened, I literally freaked out and the déjà vu moment was over. Like a tape that had been playing, it stopped. What in the world?

Anyone else have weird déjà vu experiences to share? Surely I’m not alone in the world…

They do make me wonder though: are the experiences a repeat of dreams we must’ve had but don’t recall? Are they an example of time bending? Or…what?

Readers, muse with me.


©2017, WriTEswAY

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