Just a number of things that have hit me anew as a young adult. I think I’ll revisit this list when I’m 90. Sounds good, right? Here we go.

1. You don’t know you’ve been delivered until you’ve been. How to explain this better? Well, the basic idea is that no one knows any other way of thinking/being until they FINALLY experience another way. Think of it. What example can I use to show this? Ok. Say you’re the first out of your squad of friends to actually fall in love with someone. The rest are disbelieving whether it is possible, and a couple are even cynical about it, doubting it could ever happen to them. You try your hardest to convince them of the beauty and reality of it, but…nothing seems to work, until ONE day…


2. The race really is not to the swift. The older I get, the more I’ve seen younger people doing waaaaay more awesome things than I have done. I am TRULY amazed and impressed with them. I have zero problem learning from those much younger than I because there is always wisdom tucked away somewhere if we’re willing to look for it.


3. Idiocy and lack of discipline don’t pay. No, really. You end up actually losing money, among other things. Cue Ryan Lochte. If you want to dig further, maybe also umm, that golfer with the first name of a wild cat?


4. The world truly is upside down. The values that seem to be upheld and lauded these days go against reason and conscience. For example, we want all to have “freedom” and be “happy”, without a clear understanding of the full meaning of those words. It is so crazy that we are now seeing such values being manifest to the extremes. So, I came across the story of a man who became a transgender woman, and who is in the process of transitioning to a dragon. You heard right. A dragon. He now wants to be referred to, not as a “she”, but as an “it”. This time, most people commenting on the story had to ask: how far are we going to go in letting people “be themselves” or “be how they feel on the inside”? When do we consider the state of their mental health? Good questions, my friends. Good question.


5. Manipulation and scheming really get you nowhere. There are many people who have used all tools and devices to get themselves success, money, “friends”, fame, and so on. I have lived long enough to discover that those who reached those pinnacles in a more natural and honest manner have had much more happiness attached to their experiences. In other words, those who schemed their way into friendships, marriages, promotions, etc. may have achieved what they set out to do, but end up sitting there, at the top of their achievements, suffering from a case of “rotting soul”. Not the way to go.


Like I said, this list will keep updating itself because, well, life lessons do keep coming. But for now, I’ll be honest, these are pretty strong in themselves. I’d do well to live by them truths right there.


©2016, WriTEswAY

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